Mallow A&E to remain open

“The People of the greater North Cork area breathed a sigh of relief this week in hearing the news that no changes are to happen to the A and E services in the hospital until the replacement services are put in place” so said the spokesman of the Friends of Mallow Hospital Cllr. Noel O Connor.

” This decision by the HSE gives some breathing space for all concerned for the future of Mallow General Hospital. This decision paves the way, now, for the construction of the proposed major extension to the hospital. Planning permission, for this extension, should be for decision by the planners in Cork County council in the next few weeks. The provision of a brand new modern and appropriately equipped Medical Assessment unit in the Hospital will, no doubt, enhance the reputation of the hospital . This, together with the more than 50% increase in the number of Medical Consultants n the hospital, should ensure a substantial increase in the intake of patients with medical conditions to the hospital. This increase in the activity in the hospital will ensure the future of the hospital as a provider of Secondary Services to those in need of this care in the catchment area of the hospital. So it is now up to the HSE to live up to the expectations of the Friends of Mallow Hospital and to ensure that the funds are provided to carry out this promised major extension in Mallow General Hospital”

Noel O Connor MCC, Spokesman for the Friends of Mallow Hospital.

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