Bandon Councillors concerned about Drinking Water

A motion at Bandon Town Council inviting Mr Declan Waugh to attend the May Town Council Meeting was passed at the April meeting.

Declan Waugh will present the findings of his recent report titled “Human Toxicity, Environmental Impact and Legal Implications of Water Fluoridation” on May 8th 2012, at 6.30pm at the Council Chamber.

The presentation will outline the findings in his report.

Cllr Gearóid Buckley has welcomed this news. “I am delighted other Councillors supported my motion. The fluoridation of Irish water needs to be urgently re-examined.”

“The excellent report which Mr Waugh has put together highlights the dangers to our health and many truths about water fluoridation which are supported by organisations such as the World Health Organisation.”

“The staggering evidence which stacks up against fluoridation is frightening, and I cannot understand why any Minister for Health has continued this process for over forty years.”

“The first step of the process to rethinking putting dangerous toxins in our water is informing the public. As is the case of all Town Council meetings, this presentation will be open to the public and I encourage everyone to attend.”

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