Property Tax – Special treatment for West Cork flood victims

Fine Gael Cork South West TD Jim Daly, has welcomed confirmation that
homeowners who are living in flood areas should take account of the fact
when filing a tax return for the property tax.
This information was gleaned from the Revenue Commissioner, Josephine
Feehily, today at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) under questioning
from Fine Gael Deputy, Paschal Donohoe.
“The property tax is a self-assessed tax which allows the homeowner to
indicate the tax liability he/she feels is appropriate for their home.
While it will be the case that the Revenue Commissioner will send an
estimate for each property, it will then be up to the homeowner to file a
return either complying with the amount set down by Revenue, or a higher or
lower amount based on the reality on what they feel their home is actually
“In the case of people whose homes have been affected by flooding in the
past or who are in flood risk zones and may be susceptible to it in the
future, many are unable to get insurance cover and have seen the value of
their homes fall dramatically. It therefore doesn’t make sense that they
would pay as much in property tax as their neighbours down the road who
have never been exposed to floods and whose houses have retained their
“I am relieved that the Revenue Commissioners gave full assurance that
people in these situations are perfectly within their rights to reflect the
reality of their circumstances in declaring their tax liability for the
property tax. Clonakility, Bandon and Skibbereen have all been exposed to
flooding, with some areas being flooded repeatedly. The impact this has on
the lives of those who have to try to piece their lives back together again
and pray that it does not happen again is immeasurable.
“I would urge all homeowners in Cork South West, when filing a tax return
for the property tax, to be sure to include a risk of flooding, as an
inability to gain insurance for a home will massively influence the
valuation of a property.“

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