[Audio] “Post no bills” says FG Cllr

26th February 2013
By Bryan T. Smyth

“Illegal posters are blighting the image of Cork City.”
That’s the view of Cllr Joe Kavanagh.

The Northside Fine Gael representative says the gluing of posters
– mostly advertising politcal meetings – to lampposts, postboxes, and
public bins is as bad as graffiti, and encourages to littering.
Under the Pollution Act fines can range from from 150 euro to 3-thousand euro,
but in practice people are rarely fined.

City Cllr Joe Kavanagh says MacCurtain Street is a blackspot for posters,
and one postbox on Patrick’s Hill is covered with with eight yellow pages
advertising the same meeting

0226 POSTERING 02 fg cllr joe kavanagh general clip.mp3




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