Irish Examiner Newspaper asked to consider local jobs

13th March 2013, Wednesday

Workers at WebPrint in Cork are calling on management at the Examiner and
Evening Echo newspapers to engage in talks about reviving the print
contract which the firm held for the past seven years.

The workers are being supported by the UNITE trade union of which most of
the 50 workers are members.

When the Examiner went into and straight out of receivership last week,
WebPrint’s contract was ended with no notice and workers have been placed
on short time from this week. Many now are in fear of losing their jobs.

“The contract was torn up and the printing of the papers moved to Dublin
and the Irish Times,” said UNITE Regional Officer, Brendan Byrne. “The
Examiner has a long history and affinity to Cork and we are calling on
management to talk to WebPrint about how the contract can be reinstated,
even if at a reduced rate.”

“Local representatives and local people should also lend their weight to
this campaign. If 50 jobs are lost it will be a blow to the whole Cork
community and it can be avoided.”

“There is no reason why the printing should have moved out of Cork. 50
local jobs are now on the line unless something changes quickly.”

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