Cobh to mark Titanic’s 101st Anniversary with crystal bowls

As Cobh prepares to mark the anniversary of the RMS Titanic visit to Cork
on 11 April 2013, a stunning collection of crystal bowls, in the likeness
of those on board the luxury liner, will be cut by master craftsmen in Cobh.

The Titanic Experience , Cobh’s permanent visitor attraction in Cork, has
commissioned the replica crystal and it will be handcut inhouse in Cobh
by Tregan Craft Centre master cutter, Alex Davies. The limited edition
pieces will be available for sale at Tregan Craft Centre during April.

“Titanic was known for its luxury and indeed there were over 1,500 crystal
pieces on board the liner for its tragic maiden voyage. We know a great
deal about the crystal and ware as some key pieces were discovered from the
debris field. We felt it would be appropriate to mark this year’s
anniversary of the Titanic by commissioning the beautiful crystal pieces.’
Said Gillen Joyce. ‘The Tregan Craft Centre, which adjoins the White Star
Line building, will also offer demonstrations of crystal glass cutting
during the commemorative week here in Cobh”, he added.

Following the worldwide commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the
sinking of the Titanic last year, the Project Cobh initiative will embrace
the connection between Cobh and the Titanic. A number of events and
activities have been scheduled from 5 to 15 April including ceili nights,
themed food tastings, lectures and a laying of the wreath at the Titanic
Anchorage near Roches Point.

‘A Night With Rory Golden’ promises to be a special evening, as Golden was
the first Irish diver to see the Titanic from a Russian MIR submersible in
2000 and again in 2005 at a depth of 3,875 metres. Rory will tell his
unique story of the voyage and exploration of the world’s most famous
shipwreck on Saturday, 13 April at the Commodore Hotel in Cobh. Tickets
will cost €5 and will be available at the entrance to the lecture on 13
April 2013.

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