Cork Passports given to Boyband

Cork Passports given to Boyband

19 August 2013
By Bryan Smyth

JLS received their very own Rebel Passports from Lord Mayor, Cllr.
Catherine Clancy on a special visit to Cork City Hall on August 17th.
They join the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Jedward and
Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who are now “honourary” Corkonians thanks to
their very own “Rebel Passport”.

Since the first batch came off the printers, organisers of Cork Rebel
Week have been inundated with applications for the coveted Rebel
Passport, with thousands of people from all over the globe vying to
prove their “Corkness” and get their hands on one. To date, over 5,000
Rebel Passports have been granted, with thousands more applications

To apply for your Rebel Passport visit









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