Deputy Leader of SF in Bandon today

8th December 2013, Sunday
By Bryan T. Smyth

The Sinn Fein party Vice President Mary Lou McDonald will attend the Sinn
Fein Convention in Bandon to select the party candidate for the
Bandon/Kinsale/Carragaline Area in the upcoming local elections.The event
takes place in The Munster Arms Hotel on December 8th at 2pm where the
local Sinn Fein organisation are expecting a large attendance.

Speaking this week Ms McDonald said;
“I am looking forward to my trip south next weekend to attend the local
convention in Bandon.Cork County Council is an area where the party are
looking to make significant gains and I am confident the team we are
putting in place around the county will see us increase our
representation.Areas like Bandon/Kinsale/Carragaline are where there has
been tremendous work done by our activists on the ground which has seen the
party membership grow and puts us in a very good position to challenge for
a seat.I am becoming a regular visitor to Cork and always enjoy the welcome
from the party members and the general public when I do.”

Bandon based Cllr Rachel McCarthy is expected to be nominated.The town councillor who was
elected to the local town council in 2009 said;

“I am seeking the party nomination to contest next Mays local election and
if chosen will endeavour to continue the work the party has already done in
the area.The elected council in Cork has always been a cosy consensus for
the austerity parties of FF , FG and Labour and that is something we have
to break.A strong Sinn Fein team in County Hall is what is needed to be a
voice willing to stand up to government decisions and not just rubber stamp
those decisions.I want to be part of that team and deliver for the people
of Carragaline,Kinsale,Bandon and all areas in between.

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