Fasttrack flood works says Chamber

3rd Janaury 2013

Following the overnight flooding in the Cork Region, Cork Chamber urged all of those charged with the responsibility for protecting Cork from localised flooding, to restore the confidence of the business community by doubling their efforts to urgently address this ongoing issue.

Cork Chamber has consistently outlined their concern to both local and national government around the uncertainty in relation to future flood prevention in Cork and the serious impact this is having on business with regard to insurance cover and on future investment and development decisions.

In response to the recent flooding, Chamber President Ms. Gillian Keating outlined the frustration prevalent amongst businesses in Cork regarding the project timelines for the Lower Lee (Cork City) Flood Relief Scheme, due for completion in 2017, stating, “It has been four years since the severe 2009 flooding event and we are now facing into a further 4-year project timeline before Cork City is protected fully from potential future flooding”. Ms Keating called on both the local authorities and Minister of State, Mr Brian Hayes, T.D. for Public Service Reform and the Office of Public Works, “to do everything possible to ensure that this important work is prioritised and not prolonged by delays in design and construction funding approvals or any other ministerial steps.”

“There have been several serious flooding events in the Cork region in recent years, none of which have been satisfactorily addressed. Given the significant increase in localised flooding events, it is essential that the causes are investigated without delay and the necessary investments are made, accompanied by the implementation of planned warning systems. We need more emphasis on prevention and communication so that local businesses can take measures to protect against flood events”, concluded Ms Keating.

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