Munster Labour MEP comments on Knockraha pylons

6th January 2014

Ireland South MEP Phil Prendergast (Labour, previously co-opted to
replace Alan Kelly) says EirGrid has failed to alert rural communities
about their plans to erect 750 high rise pylons which would link
Kildare to Cork via Wexford. Tomorrow is the deadline for public
submissions to EiGrid in relation to the plan.

Ms Prendergast said: “ I’m pleased that Minister Pat Rabbitte has
recently acknowledged that communication and consultation needs to be
improved as I’ve been contacted regularly in recent months with fears
about the proposed scheme from my constituents.

“As a healthcare professional I’m extremely concerned with the health
risks that pylons may pose and EirGrid have been ambiguous about the
potential dangers.

“Constituents are particularly annoyed that EirGrid does not have to
follow the usual local planning permission rules that everybody
conforms to when planning to build smaller structures on to their
houses or gardens.

“While I welcome a saving in electricity costs it’s crucial that the
public’s concerns are heeded before any vast plan of this scale is
rolled out.

“There are regular protest meetings about this issue nationwide and
yesterday over 40 anti-pylon groups met in Enniscorthy who represent
over 50,00 people.

“Also, in the village of Knockraha in East Cork they will be
submitting over 100 objections to the plan before tomorrow’s
submission with local activists drumming up continued support for
their campaign over Christmas.

“This is an emotive issue and the anti-pylon fervour will continue if
communities feel they are being ignored.”

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