[Audio] Nano Nagle Heritage Centre to open in Cork

25th February 2014
By Bryan T. Smyth

A centre commemorating the work of Cork-born “Nano Nagle” –
who founded the Presentation Sisters is set to become a tourist
attraction in Cork City.

A “3-and-a-quarter” acre site in Douglas Street with buildings dating
back 1770’s
has always attracted international visitors, because it contains the
tomb of Nano Nagle.

But in recent years the on-site convent has shrunk, and the primary
school closed
Now there are plans for a 10-million euro renovation

The development – to be called “Nano Nagle Place” – will include a
Heritage Centre, Archive building
and peaceful gardens.

The renewed interest in Nano Nagle follows a decision of the Pope in October
to bestow the title of “Venerable”, which means “Nano Nagle” is on the
path to Sainthood.

The Presentation Sisters have a presence across the globe
from Latin America to New Zealand, and some of the 10 million euro
for the re-development will come from abroad

Bride Given is a Presentation Sister, and is secretary of the Registered Charity
which is undertaking the renovations, Sister Given told TheCork.ie about the


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