[Audio] Govt to blame for social housing shortage in Cork City – says Cllr

16th April 2014
By Elaine Murphy
“The national Government are to blame for the length of the housing list in Cork City”

That’s according to Cllr Mick Barry

The Socialist Party and Anti Austerity Alliance member has looked at
figures for the number of Council houses built nationally in previous
decades, versus in Recent years.

He says in the 1970’s an average of 7-thousand houses were built every
year in Ireland, but in 2012 for example only 363 were built.

There are currently more than 8,100 people on a waiting list for
social housing in Cork City, including 300 who have a disability.

Due to a lack of funds the local authority cannot afford to built new
council estates, so the list keeps growing.



Cllr Mick Barry says the coalition Government “don’t seem to care
about the disadvantaged”


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