[Audio] Premature Electioneering

22nd April 2014, Tuesday, 3pm
By Bryan T. Smyth

Elections posters are already up in PARTS of Cork City,
and the local authority has received a number of complaints.

Candidates running in the local and European elections are not legally
allowed to erect their election posters
on public property until the stroke of midnight, which will be 30 days to
polling day.

But… already TheCork.ie has counted at least eight posters for Cllr Mick
Barry of the Socialist Party
on Cathedral Road, and the North Ring.

There are also other general posters for the “Anti Austerity Alliance”
which the Cllr is connected to.

“Cllr Mick Barry was not available for comment for TheCork.ie this afternoon

But, we have been speaking with ANOTHER separate Councillor on the
Northside of the City….

*F*ine Gael’s Joe O’Callaghan says everyone should follow the rulebook, he
is critical of Cllr Barry


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