Labour Leader must resign – says Co Cork Labour Cllr

29th April 2014, Tuesday
By Bryan T. Smyth

A Labour County Councillor in Cork has called on the leader of his own
party to step down.

Cllr Noel McCarthy from the Fermoy/Mitchelstown Area says Labour
Leader Eamon Gilmore “must go order to save the party”,

His views echo those of Phil Prendergast MEP, who earlier today said
she was worried about her own seat in the European Elections and
called on Mr GIlmore to step down.

A recent poll for the Irish Independent showed that Eamon Gilmore has
the backing of only 42 percent of Labour supporters, and public
support for the party is at just 6 percent, which is well behind the
other national parties.

Speaking to News Cork Labour County Councillor Noel
McCarthy in County Hall on Monday said he knows he might get in
trouble but Mr Gilmore stepping down would be “the right thing for the


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