Yes Equality Cork campaign

15 March 2015
By Elaine Murphy

This morning a group of mammies, daddies, siblings, sons and daughters and one very awesome 85 year old granny of LGBT citizens gathered in the offices of Yes Equality Cork to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Many of the group had never met each other before but they all had one thing in common, they all had at least one family member who is LGBT and as a result currently can’t get married in Ireland, this can only change if a majority of people vote Yes on May 22nd.

As they enjoyed a breakfast of pastries and chocolates that befitted the day that was in it the group spoke individually and collectively about why they are voting Yes on May 22nd and why they wanted others to the same.  They also posed for some family portraits with our photographer Marcin Lewandowski.

Rebecca Murphy  speaking at the event said  “on a personal level I’m in a same sex relationship myself so I’d  like to be able to marry the person I love no more than my brother or sister are able to do” she added  “on a bigger level it’s about equality and about love and doing the right thing for all couples and doing the right thing for Ireland and for society” Her mother Norma speaking at the same event said  “my daughter Rebecca is in a same sex relationship and I feel very strongly that she should be afforded the same rights as her siblings and of her parents; the right to marry the person she loves” she added “as a grandmother of seven I’d like  for them to feel they are growing up in an inclusive country and everyone is afforded the same rights”

May Jones an 85 year old granny who was there this morning supporting her grandchild said “people are always dictating too much to other people that we mustn’t do this and mustn’t do that, them days are hopefully gone with the help of God”

Christine O’Riordan, the mother of a gay son, Micheál also speaking at this event said “he’s a wonderful lad always has been and always will be, I think it’s his God given right to be equal like everybody else and I’d love to see him with a partner for life and if he chooses to get married I’d like for him to have the right to do so” her son Micheál continued “as my mother said, I’m gay and I want to get married someday to the person I love and be seen in the eyes of the state as an equal citizen”.

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