Cork people urged to make submissions to Local Government Review

4 August 2015
By Bryan Smyth


Ciarán Lynch, Labour TD for the Cork South Central constituency, is writing to people living in a number of communities which could potentially be affected by any decisions made by the Cork Local Government Committee about the boundary between city and county. As well as informing constituents about the boundary matter Deputy Lynch is asking that households engage with an online survey he has put in place to gather individual views on the issue.

The city-county boundary issue has not been addressed for over 50 years, and Cork City has since experienced rapid growth, giving rise to a range of development, transport and infrastructure problems, particularly at the city’s edges.

Deputy Lynch adds: “I would encourage any person whose community may be affected to complete a short questionnaire online at

“I will be making the results of the online survey and any opinions expressed known to the Cork Local Government Committee before they make their decision in September, so I encourage residents in the areas which could be affected to participate and let us know their opinions.”

Many parts of what most people think of as city suburbs, including Douglas, Grange, Togher, are currently actually in the county.

The government recently established The Cork Local Government Committee to carry out an objective review of the boundary between Cork City and Cork County.

Deputy Lynch says: “I want to make those who could be affected aware that this process is underway and to encourage their engagement in it.

“Decisions are often made without those who may be affected being asked for their opinion, this is why I am writing to my constituents to give them the opportunity to make their views known about what they think should happen.

“Some may not have been aware up to now that there could be changes made in the boundary between Cork City and Cork County and which Local Authority will be responsible for the area in which they live.”

The Cork Local Government Committee is looking at a choice of options:
• leaving the boundary as it is;
• extending the city boundary;
• merging Cork City Council and Cork County Council into one local authority.

Among the responsibilities of local authorities are the following: Planning, Environment, Housing, Recreation, Sport, Roads, Transportation, Economic Development.

Submissions to the Cork Local Government Committee, including Deputy Lynch’s, can be read on the website:

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