Cork communities are vulnerable without a visible Gárda force

5 November 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth

A Cork County Cllr – Frank O’Flynn – who is Chairman of the Cork County Joint Policing Authority addressed the Cork County public meeting of the JPC in County Hall recently on the theme of Community Policing in County Cork.

Cllr. O’Flynn’s stated that the major concerns in the community are the falling Gárda numbers, the closure of Gárda stations and associated vulnerability of communities. Gárda numbers have fallen by 115 Gárdai across the three divisions of Cork county and the closure of Gárda stations, 139 throughout the country, has resulted in Communities feeling vulnerable without a visible Garda force, especially for the people who are older, vulnerable and living alone. This has adversely affected the quality of life of rural communities who are exposed to highly professional, mobile criminal gangs.


Cllr O’Flynn stated that we need an adequately staffed and resourced Gárda force to allay the fears of the public. The safety of our communities and the public cannot continue to be undermined and as we approach winter Cllr Frank O’Flynn called on the Minister for Justice to increase the number of Gárdai and to provide adequate resources to meet the needs of a modern day Gárda force.

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