Happy Christmas from Cork City Council

22 December 2015
By Elaine Murphy

With Christmas now upon us, City Council staff are entering into the Christmas spirit. Chief among them is Denis Crowley, of the City Council’s Recreation, Amenity & Culture Directorate, who in the true festive spirit has gone to exceptional trouble to decorate his work van. It’s certainly an eye-catcher, and has become a topic of conversation throughout the city.

The Lord Mayor Cllr Chris O’Leary and the Chief Executive Ann Doherty will be meeting with Denis (and his van) this afternoon.


Meanwhile, Cork City Council wants to remind people that along with all the fun, Christmas brings with it an increased risk of fire. A few simple measures in the home can help reduce and even eliminate these risks;

House Safety

· Real Christmas trees should be bought fresh, put on a sturdy stand, kept well watered and away from the fire place or the radiator.

· Artificial trees should be flame retardant.

· Ensure tree lights comply with safety standards

· Place candles and tea lights in suitable heat resistant holders.

· Never hang Christmas cards or decorations directly over the fireplace.

· Do not overload sockets.

· Use only certified outdoor lights.

· Unplug lights and other electrical equipment.

· Put a spark guard in front of the fire.

· Check for any smouldering cigarette ends in furniture.

· Check the kitchen and switch off all appliances.

· Close all room doors.

Road Safety

The Christmas period brings extra traffic to our roads. This combined with the long night-time hours and possibly poor weather leads to an increased risk of accidents on our roads.

Road users are advised to check local and national weather forecasts and traffic updates before setting out on a journey. The golden rule is to drive with care and caution – expect the unexpected.

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