Cork TD is against Brexit

26 May 2016
By Elaine Murphy


Dara Murphy TD, Minister of State for European Affairs, Data Protection and the EU Digital Single Market, today welcomed the findings of a new Red C poll commissioned by European Movement Ireland, which shows that Irish support for the European Union remains very high and is growing, in particular among young adults.

The poll released today found 90% support for the EU among Irish people, and that 87% believe that Ireland has, on balance, benefited from the European Union. At 94%, support for Ireland’s EU membership is even higher among young adults in the 18-24 age bracket, up from 85% in 2015.

Commenting on the poll findings, Minister Murphy said:

“Today’s poll results, which show continued high support by Irish people for the European Union, are very welcome. The findings are particularly significant, coming less than a month before the United Kingdom, our nearest neighbour, goes to the polls on the question of its continued EU membership.”

“I’m particularly delighted to see very high support for the EU among young people, with support among the 18-24 age group having increased considerably on last year, to reach 94%.”

“Coming from a small open country, I think Irish people clearly recognise the huge benefits we get from EU membership; both for themselves as EU citizens, and for the country, where we work with our partners within the European Union to secure our prosperity and promote our values. I think there is a broad understanding in Ireland that the EU has served us enormously well and will continue to do so.”

The European Movement Ireland poll also found that 86% of Irish people would like the United Kingdom to remain in the EU, with 81% agreeing that even if the UK does decide to leave EU, Ireland’s place remains firmly within Europe.

Minister Murphy added:

“I think the poll results very clearly resonate with the approach taken by the Government in advance of the UK referendum on EU membership. We have and will continue to engage with the Irish community in the UK in the lead up to next month’s referendum. We fully recognise that this is a question for the UK electorate to decide upon themselves; our focus is to communicate the importance that Ireland attaches to continued UK membership of the EU, to raise awareness that Irish citizens in the UK are eligible to vote, and to encourage them to register and have their say on the day.”

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