City Council Moves to Assure Online Customers

21 December 2016
By Bryan T. Smyth

Following on from reports of recent cyber attack on Meath County Council , Cork City Council has today moved to assure its customers in relation to the systems and processes which it has in place to guard against the potential for cyber crime in the conduct of on-line business and service provision by the City Council.

“We are no different from any other business, big or small, which conducts on-line business transactions and in that regard the City Council is acutely aware of the need for continuous vigilance and awareness in relation to our control regime,” said the Council’s Head of Finance, John Hallahan. He confirmed that the City Council had also been the target of a similar type of cyber attack some months ago. “The attack was identified and isolated by the defence systems which we have in place and our controls worked effectively to eliminate the risk.”

Mr Hallahan went on to confirm that the Council is also in continuous consultation with its bank to ensure that systems and processes continue to be robust, fit for purpose and secure.

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