Cork City: Housing to be built on R&H Hall site and Ford Depot Site at Marina

28 March 2017
By Tom Collins

Minister Simon Coveney is from Cork

The Housing Minister Simon Coveney today confirmed that three major housing developments in Cork City will benefit from combined State support of €25.89 million through the Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF).

Ann Doherty, Chief Executive of Cork City Council, welcomed the positive news for Cork City and said that “the delivery of 1300 homes will be enabled by this new allocation to fund off-site infrastructure, including the first new housing in Cork’s nationally significant South Docks renewal project. This is great news for Cork City and those seeking to live and work in Cork”.

The new funding will catalyse the development of three sites: a 600 unit suburban greenfield site at the Old Whitechurch Road; the former “Atlantic Quarter” site on the former Ford Depot site on Centre Park Road; and the R & H Hall site on Kennedy Quay.

Cork City Council said in a statement that it “looks forward to working with the Department of Housing, Planning, Communities and Local Government and development partners over the next few months to finalise the timeline for the infrastructure and housing projects”. The funding will enable utility infrastructure, road infrastructure and community infrastructure to be delivered to unlock the potential of major development sites between 2017 and 2021.

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