CORK CITY CENTRE: Lord Mayor seeks to acknowledge Cork City’s best family business

16 May 2017
By Bryan Smyth

Lord Mayor Des Cahill

The Lord Mayor’s Multi-Generational Family Business Awards

The Lord Mayor is calling for nominations for the second round of the Lord Mayor’s Family Business Award. Cllr. Des Cahill during his term in office would like to acknowledge the contribution that family businesses have made and continue to make to Cork City. In this round of the awards the Lord Mayor, Cllr. Des Cahill is delighted to present a new award for Multi-Generational Family Businesses based in Cork City. All awardees will receive access to a mentoring and training package delivered by the Local Enterprise Office, Cork City which will be tailored to their business needs.

How to apply

Nominations should be made on the official application form which can be downloaded from Cork City Councils website and should be submitted in hard copy to the Office of the Lord Mayor, Cork City Council, City Hall by 5pm on Friday 19th May

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 7th June at 6.30 p.m.

Awards Criteria

The awards will be presented to family businesses based in Cork City in the following categories:
· Retail Businesses (4 Awards in total)
· Trades (2 Awards in total)
· Professions (2 Awards in total)


In this round the Lord Mayor, Cllr. Des Cahill is delighted to present a new award for Multi- Generational Family Businesses based in Cork City. It is well recognised that long established family businesses in Cork have contributed hugely to the fabric of our local community. Their positive impact is seen commercially through their commitment and engagement with their customers and the jobs created. Many of these 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation businesses have had to demonstrate real strength and resolve in growing, developing and diversifying through sometimes very difficult economic environments. They have demonstrated their loyalty for and to the communities they serve. It is only fitting then, that Cork City Council through the office of the Lord Mayor would recognise these local stalwarts who have survived for generations and hopefully more to come.

The winners in round one in January were:

TW Murray (Retail)
Ideal Pet Shop (Retail)
Crowley’s Opticians (Professional)
Cronin’s Coaches (Trade)

Further Information:

Judging Process

A judging panel consisting of a selection of representatives from the Cork Business Association, Cork Chamber of Commerce, Plato Cork and the Local Enterprise Office, Cork City will be chaired by the Lord Mayor, Cllr. Des Cahill. The judging will take place over 2 rounds.
· Round 1 – Awards Ceremony took place in January 2017.
· Round 2 judging will take place in May 2017 and nominees will be announced in June 2017.


Cork City Council, through the office of the Lord Mayor, will arrange for promotions around the events and the awards will be promoted widely across the city by the various organisation involved.

Awardees will also be offered an opportunity to promote their businesses in conjunction with the Lord Mayor’s Family Business Awards Media Sponsor, Red FM

To compliment the Lord Mayors Family Business Awards Initiative, the Local Enterprise Office, Cork City has agreed to provide a package of enterprise supports for each Award recipient as nominated by the Lord Mayor, as follows:

The appointment of a suitable mentor for 5 visits in an area of relevance depending on the company’s needs at that point in time. The staff in the Local Enterprise Office will work with you to help identify your business priorities and appoint the right mentor to help you develop your business further.

Training Voucher

The provision of a Training Voucher with a value of €250 to be exchanged for any of the management development or training programmes delivered by the Local Enterprise Office, Cork City some of which are outlined below. This list is continually being updated and additional details can be found on

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