NAKED CYCLE: Green Party took part in the annual ‘World Naked Bike Ride’ in Cork on Saturday afternoon

11 June 2017
By Bryan T. Smyth
bryan@TheCork.ieThe World Naked Bike Ride is believed to be the world’s biggest nude protest and aims to raise the visibility of cyclists as well as promoting issues such as a positive body image. This year’s cycle took place in 50 cites with hundreds taking to the streets in London.

Oliver Moran from the Green Party in Cork
The Green Party was represented in Cork by Oliver Moran, the party’s representative in Cork North Central, and Johnny O’Mahony, the Cork Greens members’ officer. They joined about 50 people cycling through Cork wearing body paint in an annual event celebrating its ninth year in the city.Speaking after the cycle, Mr Moran said:

“It was exhilarating to take part in and I think everyone shopping in the city today enjoyed the spectacle. There was loads of support from passers-by, but while the cycle was fun the issues it raises are too important to forget.”

Road Safety Authority figures show that about 10 cyclists are killed on the road every year in Ireland. A study carried out by Trinity College Dublin and UCD and published last week showed that cyclists are so vulnerable that some demographics actually experience negative health outcomes, because of the risk of injury, if they take up cycling as commuters.

“One of the most important messages cyclists made today was to ask, ‘Can you see me now?’ We need the city council to improve cycle lanes and we need drivers to be more aware of cyclists on the road. As a driver myself, I think it’s important to support the planned new traffic rules and give at least one meter when passing a cyclist. If it’s not safe to pass, just slow down and take your time.”

The party praised the organisers of the cycle in Cork for their professionalism and management and the enthusiasm and positivity of everyone who took part.

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