CORK WATER: Water now restored to all parts of Cork City after burst water main is fixed

21 June 2017, 7.30pm
By Bryan T. Smyth

Today it was hot in Cork City, but many Cafe’s, Pubs and Restaurants had a problem: no water. The issue has now been fixed.

Irish Water is pleased to confirm that water has this evening been restored to all parts of Cork City following the successful completion of repairs to a burst water main near Lee Road.

The disruption in supply was caused by a burst in a trunk water main supplying many low lying parts of Cork city this morning. Crews working on behalf of Irish Water and Cork City Council located and isolated the burst within a number of hours of it occurring and were able to begin to restore supply to large parts of the city by early afternoon. The broken section of pipe has now been repaired and supply in the remaining areas should be returning to normal over the coming hours.

Some customers may continue to experience low or intermittent pressure for a period of time as flows return to normal throughout the system. Should customers notice changes in the quality of their water, such as a dirty or cloudy appearance, they are advised to run the cold tap until it runs clear.

Irish Water apologises to all customers for the disruption caused by this incident and thanks them for their patience while we worked to resolve it. We will continue to monitor the supply to ensure that no further issues arise. Irish Water’s 24-hour customer service line (1850 278 278) is open 24-hours a day to answer any additional customer queries.

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