WHERE POLITICS AND BUSINESS MIX: ​’Ecanvasser’ App secured deal with EU ALDE Political Grouping to trial their canvasing software

6 August 2017
By Tom Collins

Cork based political software business Ecanvasser – which is a brand under the umbrella company Vconnecta – has announced the agreement of a major pilot scheme with Europe’s third largest political alliance, the liberal-centrist Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Group (ALDE).

The licensing agreement will see ALDE making the Ecanvasser canvassing tool available to all sixty parties affiliated with the Alliance.

Currently, seven constituent parties have advanced to trial or adoption stage including those in Germany, Austria, Finland, Norway, and Poland. This number is expected to grow in coming months as the roll-out advances.

According to 2012 founder Brendan Finucane – who has links to the Fianna Fail party – “In addition to leveraging Ecanvasser’s voter engagement toolkit, parties will be looking to the platform to help them boost their data protection compliance ahead of the coming into force of the pan-European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) directive in May of next year.” “The pilot is a major boost into Europe for Ecanvasser, which already powers over 800 campaigns in 48 countries across the globe.”

The Alliance of Liberal and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) is a liberal-centrist political group of the European Parliament. For more information, visit alde.eu. Despite being pronounced in a similar fashion ALDE is not connected with German discount supermarket retailer ALDI.

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