CORK CITY COUNCIL: continues clean up after storm #Ophelia

17 October 2017, 1pm
By Mary Bermingham

Hundreds of Cork city council crews and contractors are across the city this lunchtime clearing fallen trees and debris from the city following Storm Ophelia.
The recovery operation is now focussing on removing trees and storm debris from secondary roads. Parks and green areas will then be tackled.

The city’s main roads were cleared of trees shortly after 9am this morning with teams working until dark last night before returning to work at first light.
We are asking the public to remain patient as we have hundreds of incidents to address in the coming days and have to prioritise.

At least 150 trees fell across the city yesterday including 30 at Centre Park Road. Centre Park Road remains closed. We continue to receive new reports from the public of tree collapse.

Some public parks have been shut today due to fallen trees.

Cork City Council’s Building Control Unit is assessing possible structural damage to buildings across the city with engineers assessing up to 30 reported cases of possible structural damage.

Cork City Council will be working with property owners to ensure any potential public dangers are properly dealt with.

Crews of more than 50 people are also cleaning city centre streets and roads which are littered with storm debris.

Cork City Council’s Crisis Management Team met at the Local Co-Ordination Centre at Central Fire Station at 11.30 and will take part in a Regional Steering Group meeting later today.

Public parks will be closed in cases where there have been instances of fallen trees.

Normal public services resumed today at City Hall. Cork City Council’s freephone helpline took over 300 calls from concerned residents yesterday.

Cork City Council is requesting the public to continue to remain vigilant in relation to fallen trees, storm debris, and possible structural damage and to bear with us over the coming days as we continue to deal with the fallout from Storm Ophelia.

Cork City Council is doing all possible to ensure that it is business as normal as soon as possible.

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