PARKING: The right car park PAYMENT SYSTEM can make all the difference

2 November 2017
By Elaine Murphy

In this technological age people are used to a fast and efficient service, but when it comes to parking we have a problem folks! Do you purchase a disc, or a ticket in advance, or perhaps you pay on exit, parking can be confusing.

Customers want

  • Convenience
  • Quick service

Car park owners want

  • Increased income, which can be invested in improving services

While there’s a movement towards creating more Smart cities the developments are slow. Smart cities use resources—natural and other—to “optimally benefit all involved”.

Parking as Source of Income

Budgets are always part of the reason organisations don’t keep their promises.  Public parking areas with proper park payment systems can result in car park owners getting a much higher income than before.

How to Increase Income

Citizens look for the easiest, most convenient way to reach a goal. People tend to avoid situations that require effort.

This means people may not use parking areas where payments are a hassle. For people who never carry cash on them anymore an outdated car park payment system only causes frustration.

Adjusting to modern payment systems will draw more people to a car park resulting in higher revenue for the owners.

How to Motivate Increased Usage

Increasing a specific car park’s usage will result in drivers becoming loyal supporters. This will happen automatically when drivers realize a certain car park offers excellent service:

  • Security in the form of CCTV cameras
  • Fast efficient payment options
  • Spacious parking to prevent accidents

Increased funds generated this way can be applied to improve other public service entities across the city.

How Technology Enables Better Parking Options

Citizens expect municipalities to look after their interests. After all that’s why taxes are paid right?

By improving car park payment systems with new technology consumers are given a more positive experience when in search of parking.

Looking for Parking

Parking apps allow drivers to look for available parking online. This causes less traffic problems as drivers can go directly to available spaces. They can even book a space in advance.

Easy Payment

Modern pay and display parking payment systems enable more convenient processes:

  • Users can pay online
  • Payment options other than cash can be used such as credit cards
  • CCTV cameras that pick up number plates can be used for payment if the plate is linked to a certain account

Consumers don’t have to stand in long queues anymore which is a solution many of them have been waiting for.


Technology allows for increased security in car parks. Items such as CCTV cameras tend to keep criminals at bay. Some car park payment systems even prevent a car from exiting if the wrong ticket is presented upon exit.

Consumers feel more protected by the councils that are supposed to protect their interests.

All of this leads to a quality public parking system. When governments harness the power of technology consumers get better results and service.

Improved Parking Turnaround

A lack of parking is a huge reason people are frustrated with public service. Unfortunately part of this problem is created by consumers themselves.

When a parking bay is used for an entire day by one driver it limits a car park’s turnaround.

But there are smart alternatives that work.

Pay and display car park payment systems usually result in better turnarounds. Drivers are forced to exit after a specified time. This means more people can enjoy the benefits of the service.

Enhanced Access to Public Service

When citizens are in need of public services they usually need parking too. This means their entire public services experience is judged in conjunction with parking. This relates to:

  • Hospitals and other health care services
  • Libraries
  • Postal service
  • Municipal buildings

City councils must ensure adequate car parks are located near these services. But a car park is only as sufficient as the car park payment systems used.

Modern payment systems ensure traffic flows effectively. Patrons can even search online for parking. They can plan ahead which makes for accurate daily schedules.

With citizens used to wasting precious time when accessing public service centres this scenario will be a welcome change.

Transportation Infrastructure

It’s remarkable what impact an improved car park payment system can have on a city’s entire transport infrastructure. A few small changes will allow citizens to enjoy better circumstances when on the road.

Less Traffic Problems

Some traffic hold ups are created when people slow down. This happens when people look for certain addresses or parking bays.

When citizens can access online parking apps and even book a parking bay this problem comes to an end. Drivers will drive at normal speeds straight to the parking they want.

Traffic Solutions

When car park payment systems force people to leave their parking spaces it means others can take their place. Less cars will drive around looking for parking as parking is more readily available. This decreases traffic congestion during peak times.

It’s all about harnessing resources that’s already available. When Smart Cities use technology for citizens’ benefit the cities also draw advantages. To achieve this is a process as drivers must become used to what cities implement. It’s the city’s responsibility to notify, educate and motivate people to make use of these beneficial practices.

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