HEALTH: Diabetes technology should come under Long-Term Illness Scheme – suggests opposition Cork MEP

14 November 2017
By Mary Bermingham

Liadh na Riada MEP

Cork based Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada has called on the Government to roll out ‘Smart’ Diabetes Technology as part of the Long-Term Illness Scheme.

The Ireland South MEP made the call for greater care for those with the condition as part of World Diabetes Day.

“Diabetes is an often misunderstood and incredibly difficult condition to live with, especially for the very young,” she said.

“It requires constant vigilance and management through blood tests and injections, several times a day, and even when managed properly can take a huge toll on the body.

“There are various devices available that can make the control of diabetes much easier and lessen the impact it has on the body, yet the Long Term Illness Scheme covers only the most basic equipment.

“Despite the enormous advancements made when it comes to electronic blood glucose monitoring, those receiving treatments under the LTI scheme still only receive blood glucose monitoring strips.

“This is in spite of the body of evidence pointing towards smart diabetes technology, such as non-invasive electronic blood glucose monitors, not only being better for patients in the way diabetes is controlled and monitored, but in the long run it may also be cost neutral to the state.

“I would echo the calls of my colleague, Sinn Féin Health Spokesperson Louise O’Reilly, and urge the Minister for Health to update the LTI book to include smart diabetes technology such as non-invasive electronic blood glucose monitors and to construct a chronic diseases register similar to the registry collated by the National Cancer Registry.”

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