THINGS TO DO IN CORK: Cork On Ice remains open until 28th January

8 January 2017
By Elaine Murphy


Get Your Skates On for the New Year! It’s Good For You.

10 Reasons to get to Cork On Ice in 2018!

We’re all guilty of overindulging at Christmas, so why not do an activity that’s not only fun but good for you – ice skating! is back with a bang (Ouch! Pun intended) this Winter with Cork On Ice remaining open until 28th January – and they’ve put together 10 ways ice skating can help you and your family get active, fit and healthy in body and mind! So what are you waiting for, get your skates on!

Improve your balance and coordination: Studies have shown that those who try ice skating see an improvement in balance and overall coordination. So it seems that in order to rid yourself of your clumsy ways, you’ve got to fall down a few times first!

Core training: You need core stability, control and strength for ice skating, whether you’re skating competitively or recreationally, so it’s a great way to tighten those tummy muscles.

Improve joint flexibility: If your leg joints creak every time you rise from your bed in the morning, ice skating could offer a real solution. With its emphasis on quick foot movements and strong knees, your leg joints will receive a great workout and hopefully feel more flexible in no time. Focusing on lower-body movement, ice skating offers great exercise for the leg muscles, building and toning them up over time.

Burn calories: If you are trying to lose a few pounds after the Christmas indulgence, ice skating is a good way to burn calories while having fun! Ice skating burns from 300-650 calories per hour, depending on how hard you skate.
Seasonal Stress Relief: Exercise is always cited as a top natural stress reliever, releasing in endorphins and allowing you to unclutter your mind, but gracefully gliding across the ice is one of the best ways to melt away worries.

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio: A little over-indulgence is par for the course at this time of year, and with so much going on, exercise can slip down the list of priorities. Ice skating not only improves muscle tone, but is a fantastic way to get the blood pumping, without even realising you’re working out – win win!

Turn Down The Temperature, Turn Up The Romance: Ice skating also gets your heart racing in other ways! Make a date to skate and you’ll feel the love! If you’re lucky, you might even get a kiss under the mistletoe!

Family Fun time: Ice skating is a great way for active family time, that will leave you feeling wonderful! From Mom and Dad to little ones, teenagers and grandparents, no one is too old or young to take to the ice! Cork On Ice has a special kiddies rink, complete with penguin balancing aids and ride on seals are ideal for little legs just finding their feet.

Operation Concentration: Get your mind working as well as your body. When learning any new skill, concentration is vital and ice skating is no different! When focusing on learning or improving your technique, or even just remaining upright, ice skating improves concentration.

Christmas Wellbeing: With an atmosphere that could make even the biggest Grinch smile, there’s no escaping the positive endorphins created by ice skating. Trees, lights, music, and laughter are all around, and a visit is sure to be the start of a Christmas tradition for years to come.

Best prices are available by pre-booking online:

Adult: €18 (box office peak), €16 (box office off peak), €14 (online peak), €13 (online off-peak)

Family of 3: €42 (box office peak), €34 (box office off-peak), €36 (online peak), €30 (online off-peak)

Family of 4: €51 (box office peak), €41 (box office off-peak), €46 (online peak), €38 (online off-peak).

*A €1 per person booking fee applies to online bookings, with a maximum charge of €4.

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