BUSINESS: Cork based ‘Amarenco Solar’ expands into French territories

14 May 2018
By Elaine Murphy

File photo: to show Amarenco’s John Mullins (left) at a previous expansion announcement in Ireland. Whereas today’s news comes from France’s overseas territories
Pic: John Sheehan

Amarenco Solar, which has a considerable presence in the French renewable energy market has recently been awarded regulated tariffs for the development of solar barns in France and Corsica. Amarenco has also commenced development in the French territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean and Reunion in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.

The solar barn developments are being carried out in collaboration with local partners in each of the island territories and are expected to be operational from 2019. The combined investment in the three territories is expected to be €50m in the next number of years.

“We are very pleased with this expansion of our international footprint beyond Europe and clearly the work we have undertaken in France, where we are recognised as a credible and significant contributor to that nation’s demand for solar renewable energy. We are one the largest developers in Corsica and this is of benefit in expanding into French territories further afield.” said John Mullins, CEO, Amarenco Solar.

Solar barns are almost exclusively built for the agriculture sector and capacities vary between 100kW and 500kW based on the footprint of the barn.

Amarenco Solar was recently awarded the Best Irish Company in France, at the annual France Ireland Business Awards.

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