How many people play online casinos in Ireland?

9 September 2019
By Roger Jones


Gambling, especially in online casinos is a growing trend in Ireland with a sizeable number of players coming from this part of the world. There are several online casino sites in Ireland, an example of an online casino site that has won the respect of gamblers in Ireland is PayPal casinos. Many other casino sites experience a massive influx of online casino players on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, statistics show that a whopping €14 million is spent by residents.

The online casino industry in Ireland continues to flourish because of the platform’s convenience and operational ease. Irish players are able to play their favourite games on their computer or mobile devices without leaving their homes. Meanwhile, people across the channel are looking for UK alternatives. Games like blackjack and poker can be played at the convenience of their respective homes. Even though online casinos aren’t currently the most popular form of betting of which sports betting is, online casinos are presently experiencing an unprecedented increase in their level of popularity amongst Irish players and this form of betting would undoubtedly become more popular in the nearest future.

Today in Ireland, online gambling is the most popular gambling method, while traditional betting is the second most popular gambling method. Online casinos are a type of online gambling, and online casinos experience an annual increase in growth by about 10-15%. This growth can be attributed to the continual improvement and ease in accessing a Top Irish casino, fast payment options, revolutionary technologies and exciting game variations used by most online casinos, such as a €5 deposit casino. This further helps in increasing the number of players as well as the wins that are made. Several factors support the online casinos, and for example, there is excellent internet connectivity in Ireland in addition to the fact that Ireland is an English-speaking country.

Generally, gambling at casinos in Ireland was made legal by the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956, the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act 2001 was enacted to legalise gambling at online casinos. This allowed Irish players to gamble both nationally and internationally. It was in 2004 that the casino games, as well as betting sites, were developed by bookmakers based in Ireland.

With all these points discussed above, one would be left with the question, “How many people play online casinos in Ireland?”

In-depth research and statistics currently show that a total of 2% of the total population of Ireland, making about 98,000 Irish constitute the number of people among the total betting population that play online casinos daily in Ireland. Another research suggests that 40,000 people in Ireland are gambling addicts. This number will continue to increase because of the increase in technological innovations and other improvements all of which are aimed at improving player experience.

Online casinos do not only offer its players with benefits, but it also helps the economy by serving as a means through which revenue can be generated and utilized in the development of infrastructures for the benefits of people living in Ireland. It is believed that online gaming industry would be able to contribute nothing less than £7 billion to the economy by 2020. The future of gambling at online casinos in Ireland is indeed bright, and there would be a continuous influx of players from every nook and cranny of Ireland.

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