Milano Pizza Restaurant opens in Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Cork

15 September 2019
By Bryan Smyth

  • Cork Pizza Lovers Served a Fresh New Slice of Italian as Milano comes to Cork Mahon Point
  • Plus, 40 new jobs created locally
It is known as Pizza Express in the UK, but trades as the more elegant sounding ‘Milano’ here in Ireland, with the same style logo. It has been a firm favourite of many Corconians since their Oliver Plunkett Street Restaurant opened many years. ago.
Pic. John Allen/Provision

Now the brand has opened the doors also in Mahon Point in Cork providing the only “full-service sit-down establishment” in the centre (the other Restaurants use a food court, meanwhile Nando’s next door lacks the impressive alcohol offerings available at Milano)

This is the 19th Milano restaurant established in Ireland by the Italian pizzeria brand, which has been operating in Ireland since 1995.

Open now, the “sociable pizzeria’s evolution” comes 24 years after the first opening and builds on the original vision of late Founder, Peter Boizot, stemming from his simple ethos – to bring people together over great pizza and good times through shared passions – food, drink, music and creativity. The Pizzeria’s opening has created over 40 jobs, both full and part-time, with over 500 employees nationwide now employed across the group.

The new kitchen takes centre-stage at the heart of the pizzeria, bringing the theatre and authenticity of Milano’s craft to the fore alongside the Pizzaiolo counter. Surrounded by festoon lighting that highlights the expert pizzaiolos at work as they flare the dough, bar seating and white marble tables dotted around the dining area create an intimate experience for up to 135 diners. Teal, yellow and rose furnishings compliment the re-design further helping Milano cater for all occasions – from cosy dinners for two to office parties or memorable family functions and the new pizzeria in Mahon Point will quench the thirst and fill the hunger of all who visit.

Pic. John Allen/Provision

Applying the same creativity to its pizza as its design, Milano Mahon Point will be delighting customers with an exciting new Autumn menu which boasts a selection of brand-new heart-warming dishes. From date nights to after-school pit-stops, light bites to indulgent flavours, Milano has you sorted. Calzone fans will delight with the favourite back better than ever with the spicy ´nduja & smoky pepperoni, and a vegan Calzone Verdure, packed with roasted peppers and aubergine. Autumn heralds the return of the Carbonara Romana with crispy pancetta & creamy béchamel. Milano will also be unveiling limited-edition Smoky Dough Balls with ghoulish green pesto garlic butter for Halloween.

Martin-Eoin Walsh, Milano Cork Mahon Point Pizzeria Manager said: “Since first opening in Ireland, Milano has gone from strength to strength, with continued and steady expansion ensuring that our pizzerias are recognised and renowned for exceptional food and service. Our newest pizzeria which showcases the kitchen at its heart, is designed to allow our customers watch our talented pizzaiolos freshly handmake their pizza to order. Guests are welcomed to celebrate with us as we wish a Happy Birthday to our delicious signature Dough Balls! Party with your friends, family and loved ones to make this a year to remember, as we toast to free bottomless Dough Balls when you buy a bottle of Prosecco throughout September!’

Milano, Unit 10A, Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Mahon, Cork, Ireland T12 CA29

Opening times:
11.30am – 22.00pm Monday – Sunday

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