2020 marks 100 years since burning of Cork by British Forces

4 January 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Cork City Council has planned a range of events to mark an important centenary in the history of Ireland

Communities and organisations across Cork City are to be invited to avail of a new Cork 2020 Commemorations
Fund to support local events commemorating the centenary of the War of Independence – a monumental year in
the history of the city.

Cork City played a pivotal role in Ireland’s fight for freedom with two of the city’s Lord Mayors martyred in 1920
and the Burning of Cork by British Forces also taking place that December.

Community, social and voluntary groups as well as schools can apply for funding under the open Cork
2020 Commemorations Fund.

The Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr John Sheehan, who is chairing a cross-party committee of Elected Members on the
2020 commemorations, said: “ Stories around the events of 1920 have been handed down for generations in Cork
and local groups have been commemorating these events for many years. The Cork 2020 Commemorations Fund is
about communities and organisations bringing our proud history to life in a respectful way that showcases the city’s
rich cultural and historical fabric”.

Full details around the fund will be made public later this week with the application process opening on the week of
January 6.

Earlier this year, the Taoiseach confirmed that Cork will host a major state event in 2020 to mark the centenary of
the War of Independence.

In March, a public consultation event was held at City Hall so that members of the public could share ideas on how
the Decade of Centenaries 2019-2023 might be commemorated in Cork City. Participants shared their ideas at
workshops that took place across the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Cork City Council will hold a Special Meeting on January 30 to commemorate the centenary of the first
meeting of Cork Corporation elected by proportional representation. This Special Meeting will be the first of a
programme of events in Cork to mark the 1920 centenary.

Under the steerage of Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. John Sheehan and a cross party committee of Elected Members, a
rich and varied programme of events is planned for 2020 which is roundly described as ‘Cork’s 1916’, so seismic was
it in the second city’s history.

The Special Meeting on January 30 will mark the centenary of the first Council elected by proportional
representation, the first Council elected by universal suffrage and the first Council with a Republican majority. At
its first meeting on January 30 1920, Cork Corporation historically pledged its allegiance to Dáil Éireann, a moment
of huge national significance.

This commemorative Special Meeting will take place at Council Chamber at City Hall at 6.30 pm with former Lords
Mayor in attendance.

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