Mayfield/Montenotte needs a playground

3 February 2020
By Elaine Murphy

The Green Party in Cork has called for Cork City Council to renew efforts to locate a children’s playground in the Mayfield/Montenotte area.

At Monday’s meeting of the North East ward Local Area Committee, Green Party Councillor Oliver Moran requested a report from officials on the need for a children’s playground, similar to the one opened in Bishopstown, for the Montenotte/Mayfield area.

The report accepted that there is a requirement for a large children’s play facility in the area. Officials said that neither the Tank Field nor the Glen Park were suitable locations for a large play facility due to a lack of space. The large open space area at Iona Park/Colmcille Avenue was identified as a suitable location approximately 10 years ago, however this was objected to, and the plan was voted down by councillors at the time.

Cllr Moran said time had passed since then, and he believed that there was now a greater demand among residents for a high-quality playground in the area:

“The make-up of the Mayfield/Montenotte area is changing rapidly, with more and more young families now needing local facilities where they can take their children to play. Having moved into the area in the last 10 years with my wife & child, I know that demand is there. I hear it every day from my neighbours with young children too. It’s one of the most frequent demands I hear when canvassing.

“I’ve asked for the issue to be kept as a live topic at the Local Area Committee, so that it can be returned to regularly. It’s something I believe the committee should set as a goal for the lifetime of this council. As a first step in that, I’d like to revisit the plans from 10 years ago, and the objections to them, to see if it is time to breath life back into the project.”

City officials also confirmed to Cllr Moran that there has been discussion between a developer of apartments at Westboro House about the provision of a public park off of Mahoney’s Avenue in St Luke’s, however an agreement has yet to be put in place. Provision of the park is part of a grant of planning permission, with the permission due to expire on 16 February 2021.

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