How to volunteer to help with Covid 19?

19 March 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Covid Community Response brings communities together, collaborating and supporting those most in need during the Covid-19 outbreak in Ireland

The Covid Community Response team was set up in an effort to help coordinate ongoing national & local community initiatives in the fight against Covid-19, standardising communication and campaigns, as well as sharing resources.


Speaking about the campaign, spokesperson Séamus Ó Fátharta, said, ‘In these uncertain times it is fantastic to see so many members of our society pull together and launch various campaigns to tackle this challenge head on. The energy, creativity and passion which is on display is most certainly our silver lining. There are many campaigns currently underway with the most prevalent, overarching theme being to help people who are in isolation.’

Standardising campaigns will allow community leaders to ‘rinse & repeat’ campaigns and campaign materials. CCR’s website will give people an opportunity to register as volunteers, giving access to support from a network of individuals working together within the communities. CCR’s fundraiser will see all proceeds going towards direct costs, including food, sanitary products, and supplies needed by those most affected by Covid-19.

CCR are working closely with organisations who are currently operating in the community but, due to extreme pressures, need more support at this time.

Spokesperson Séamus Ó Fátharta says, ‘The battlefield for this challenge extends beyond the valiant efforts of our front line staff and rests on our collective doorstep. A coordinated community response may seem secondary to the challenges faced by those on the front line, but it will make all the difference. It is important to reiterate that everyone can help; people who can deliver supplies to the elderly are as important as medical staff at this time.’

For those involved and wishing to register, or for those who would like to become involved with Covid Community Response, they can do so by visiting Individuals and campaigns that might benefit from Covid Community Response initiative can also get in touch there.

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