Irish company well positioned to bring eLearning to now isolated students

21 March 2020
By Bryan Smyth

‘Schools out’ but right now many young people don’t have access to the technology or support they need to engage with learning activities

File photo of a Cork Couty Council Library with toys

Camara Ireland maximises the use of technology in education to create inclusive, creative learning opportunities. With schools and youth centres closed there are many young people at an increased disadvantage as they try to access the equipment and educational support that they need. Partnering with a range of funders Camara Ireland continues to respond to the educational needs of communities around Ireland. The team are sourcing quality equipment, delivering great educational content and making new project resources available.

With almost 10 years experience in educational technology Camara Ireland has provided skills development for over 5,000 teachers and youth workers in 1,500 schools and community centres around the country through their TechSpace programme.

Marianne Checkley CEO of Camara Ireland commented “We’re more aware than ever that, right now, many young people may not have access to the technology or support they need to engage with learning activities. There’s a stark barrier that has gone up very quickly for some and the amazing Camara Ireland team is busy adapting our response to fit the current situation. With our experience we’re well positioned to make sure that education gaps are filled. We’re really grateful to our supporters who partner with us to increase our impact and particularly to those who have made extra grant contributions so we can take special measures.”

Teachers, youth workers and parent groups should feel free to check in with us for advice or to contribute suggestions on how we can best work together to make sure our young people can continue to learn creatively.

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