Reduce litter in parks during COVID19, says Green Party in Cork

13 April 2020
By Bryan Smyth

The Green Party in Cork has backed community calls asking people to be proactive in reducing litter during the COVID19 crisis.

Cllr Oliver Moran is a member of Cork City Council

Green Party councillor, Oliver Moran, made the call after reports of a rise in casual litter at a number of city parks and beauty spots.

Cllr Moran’s calls were echoed by the Cork Environment Forum, who suggested the public bring a small bag with them when they visit city parks and amenities. This can be used to remove a small amount of litter each by each visitor, they say. The Glanmire Area Community Association asked residents to do similar at the start of the month.

Ordinary street cleaning services have been reduced during the COVID19 crisis but Cork City Council is still servicing all public parks. Cllr Moran said an approach like this, along with the public being extra mindful of litter, can help the public service at this time:

“The entire public service is focused on the crisis right now. At the same time more people are using outdoor spaces like the Glen Park and other amenities like never before as a place to escape and get fresh air. That means extra responsibility for visitors to parks and other areas, by being mindful not to add to litter and reducing the amount of waste you bring with you.”

“It also means an opportunity for the public to do a little bit more than usual to help the public service at this time. As well as reducing your own litter and taking home your own waste, I think the idea put out by community groups is a good one. If everyone took a small bag with them on their walk and helped remove just a small amount of litter they come across, even just a plastic bottle or two, it would relieve the burden on public services and keep city amenities tidy during the crisis. It can be seen as part of the spirit of pulling together at this time.”

Cork City Council civic amenity sites are remaining open for domestic waste services. However, illegal dumping has been reported to be on the rise in Cork and across the country during the crisis. Cork City Council staff have a comprehensive inspection regime in operation. However, if members of the public come across illegal dumping, they are asked to contact Cork City Council on 021 492 4000.

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