‘If you live more than 2km from this sign you will be shot’

15 April 2020
By Elaine Murphy

A Cork TD has expressed concern about ‘Local only’s sings which have appeared in picturesque areas, which normally welcome holidaymakers, many of whom own second houses. Social Democrats Cork South West TD Holly Cairns took to social media to quell tensions.

Cork South West TD Holly Cairns continued by saying:

“I understand everyone is worried. Social distancing and isolation are hard, we want our sacrifices to pay off and know a collective effort is required.

Without clarity on how long we’re in this for and some not following guidelines a sense of watchfulness and hostility can grow.

I want to put the call out to people to take care of themselves and each other. Don’t take the law into your own hands, don’t assume people are/aren’t local and should/shouldn’t be here.

In many cases the D-reg cars or unfamiliar accents are residents.

Last week the owner of a campsite in West Cork reported that someone called Gardaí based on rumours that they were open. They weren’t and have no intention of opening until it’s safe to do so. Rumours like that can damage a business and waste Garda time.

Let’s lead by example and let Gardaí take care of the rest. Keep it friendly – that’s the #WestCork everyone knows and loves to visit.

Another great thing about West Cork is it is beautiful at any time of year so we can look forward to welcoming everyone back when it’s safe to.”

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