Tables and chairs would bring Café culture, but clarity needed on licence fees payable to City Council

19 May 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Earlier this month we wrote how Ireland could develop a thriving Café culture this Summer – with tables and chairs on footpaths and streets. Being outdoors makes social distancing easier, and many Cafés will be struggling to survive due to 2 months of lost revenue, followed by diminished internal capacity because of the 2 metre social distancing guidelines.

Now that things are getting back to some level of normality a question has arisen about red tape.

Peter Horgan (Labour)

Cork Local Area Representative for the Labour Party Peter Horgan has noted that a licence to place tables and chairs on a Cork City Centre street could cost as much as €1,000 in some cases. He welcomes that there may be no, or limited, charges for new licence applicants, as the City Council attempts to stimulate footfall and maintain it’s rates base, but asks will existing licence holders receive some refund?

Horgan has called for clarity under plans released by City Council on the provision of street furniture.

“Will new applicants for street furniture be liable for charges under these plans?”

“If these plans are to have impact it needs the confidence of all stakeholders”

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