Why you need Self Storage in Cork

4 July 2020
By Roger Jones

No matter how large your house may be you will still find yourself short of space. It seems to be a universal law that the amount of possessions we have expands to fill the available space! During the recent COVID19 lockdown I managed to do much de-cluttering, and judging by the full bins my neighbours put out I imagine the whole of Ireland die the same. It was great to have the time to thin out old college notes, and utility bills, and reduce our Christmas decoration storage from 4 boxes to just 2, but there is only so much thinning out that you can do. We all have stuff to store.

Self storage is the solution

I spent some time Googling for de-cluttering tips and saw a thread occur again and again: “Not everything needs to be on-hand 24/7”. It makes so much sense yet it hadn’t occurred to me. I suppose it’s similar to keeping money in a bank instead of at home. You still own it, but you don’t need it with you all the time!

Self storage helps with the legal requirement to retain documents

There are many things which I cannot throw away, yet I don’t need them to hand 27/7. If you run a small home business, you’ll need to keep all of your documents & invoices on file for a certain amount of time (typically at least 7 years for the Revenue Commissioners). Whether you run a home internet business or are a graphic designer with a home office, you’ll need somewhere to keep these documents. How about using a storage facility such as Cork Storage Centre. Keeping your files in a small self storage locker (as opposed to having large filing cabinets or shelves in your home) is a cheap, cost-effective way to de-clutter your house for other things like a second desk, a bookshelf for reference materials or just to have a more appealing and presentable office to keep your other half happy, or to impress your clients

Self storage helps people who move house often

The number of people renting in Ireland continues to increase, and that means people move house more often. In 1991 79.3% of Irish people were homeowners, but at the last census the home ownership rate was 67.6%.  If you are renting and you have certain core items you need to keep, but don’t want to lug around each time then self storage is the answer.

Self storage helps people who move house less often

Even if you are lucky enough to be a homeowner you will know that moving home is a stressful experience. There is so much to do. Make your life easier by getting a storage unit, which takes the time pressure off. You can then visit it weekly, at a time that suits you, and sort through your items.

Self storage helps people who are renovating

When you paint a room you will move furniture to the corridor or another room, but for larger jobs, you don’t want to be falling over furniture for weeks or months, so put it in storage!

Earn money by renting out a spare room

Depending on your location and living situation, you could avoid the need for a storage facility and instead actually make a lot more money by clearing out a spare room and putting the contents in storage, which would then allow you to rent that room to someone else.

Where to find self storage in Cork

If you are looking for Self storage in Cork then corkstoragecentre.ie has a range of locations Centre Park Road, Old Mallow Road, and Kilumney near Ballincollig. Their facilities are used for business storage and residential uses such as: Household furniture, Office storage. It is used by  Builders, Restaurants, Hotels, Artists, Mechanics, and Entertainment companies.

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