Green Party back residents in Mayfield opposed to a private housing development near Glen River

12 July 2020
By Tom Collins

In the housing crisis, additional properties are needed, but there must be a balance – say objectors

The Green Party in Cork has backed residents in Mayfield opposed to a private housing development in the area. A development of 162 houses are proposed to be built in the way of the planned Northern Distributor Road and in an area important to preventing flooding down river in Blackpool.

At a meeting of residents last night, Green Party councillor, Oliver Moran, said the development conflicted with key areas of policy for the city. These included the building of the Northern Distributor Road, linking Mayfield to the Straight Road in the west of the city. Cllr Moran says the development would also worsen flooding downstream in Blackpool and remove an area of importance for nature in Mayfield and Ballyvolane.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Moran said he was “loathe” to oppose any housing development but there was simply too much wrong with this development for it to go ahead:

“My record on housing is clear from my voting record in City Hall. Unfortunately, there’s just too much wrong with this development to support it. The most obvious problem is where the houses are proposed to go, which is where the Northern Distributor Road is planned to connect with the North Ring Road. There’s no wriggle room around it.”

“Only two weeks ago, the city council put out for tender the mapping phase of that project. That will deliver bus lanes and fully segregated cycle lanes and footpaths right across the north side of the city. It’s a key project and has to take precedent over a private application. That road will be a genuine enabling project for the north side of the city, including for housing in Ballyvolane.”

“Less obvious for most people is that these bogs at the edge of the Glen River are part of an important system for slowing down water going into the river. We know from hard experience that building on places like these ultimately leads to flooding downstream at places like Blackpool. The bogs themselves are an area of significant biodiversity too. This bog would be better kept and maintained for the community, including new housing in the sounding area, which will be be enabled by projects like the Northern Distributor Road.”

The full planning application can be viewed at Submissions can be made directly to An Bord Pleanála until 27 July, 2020.

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