AXA scales up prize fund for local charities

28 August 2020
By Tom Collins

  • Good news for charities in Cork asAXA scales up prize fund for local charities in response to “incredible demand”.
  • Initiative will allow 4 heroes to each nominate a charity to receive €20,000

Following “incredible demand”, AXA is to dramatically increase the value of the fund which it will donate to charities around the country through its Community Heroes initiative. Under the initiative, the public is invited to nominate individuals as a Community Hero. Four such heroes will be selected, and each will nominate a charity to whom AXA will give €20,000. AXA will also give €5,000 to each of the Community Heroes for themselves.

AXA had originally earmarked a fund of €20,000 for the initiative. The company has increased the fund to €100,000 in response to huge public interest.

The Community Heroes will be chosen by a selection panel based on the nomination received which will spell out how these individuals have supported their friends, colleagues and neighbours during recent difficult months.

Speaking today Antoinette McDonald, Director at AXA said; “We have been overwhelmed with the reaction to this initiative. We have already received over 300 nominations and we have increased the fund size to allow us to recognise more of the wonderful people we are hearing about. That might be running errands for vulnerable or elderly neighbors, supporting children with disabilities through to frontline workers making huge sacrifices to help get us through COVID-19. We know there is no shortage of heroes and this campaign will help to identify and celebrate them as well as generating awareness and funds for a number of charities.”

The competition is open to residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and all nominees must be aged 18 years or over at the date of entry. Further details can be found at

The closing date for entries is 31st August

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