“Two faced TD’s who are speaking out of both sides of their mouths”

10 September 2020
By Tom Collins


Deputy Michael Collins calls out the “two faced Td’s who are speaking out of both sides of their mouths”.

Independent TD, for West Cork, Michael Collins has sharply criticised his opposition for voting for restrictions which they have repeatedly called “bonkers” and illogical and which they have claimed to be opposed to.

This afternoon Dáil Éireann voted on a motion brought forward by Deputy Michael Collins and his Rural Independent Group colleagues seeking to revoke Statutory Instrument No. 326 of 2020 due to the bizarre and illogical measures included within.

Statutory Instrument No. 326 of 2020 signed into law by Health Minister Stephen Donnelly came into effect on September 3rd and it brought into law restrictions on events being held in venues such as hotels, restrictions on sporting events and training and restrictions on pubs serving food.

The vocal West Cork TD Michael Collins (Ind)

These restrictions have been repeatedly criticised as “bonkers”, “bizzare”, “illogical” and “unworkable”. They were introduced without consultation with the industry or without debate in Dáil Éireann. The Rural Independent Group had introduced a motion seeking to revoke the Statutory Instrument and called on the Government to start again, sit down and consult with the industry and sporting organisations and find a way to re-open these industries in a safe but logical manner.

During the debate, numerous Opposition TD’s criticised the government for the ham-fisted manner in which these restrictions were imposed and many called for them to be lifted due to their illogical nature. The situation whereby you could now go to a pub and watch a match being live-streamed but couldn’t actually attend the match was sharply criticised

Deputy Michael Collins and The Rural Independent Group gave all members an opportunity to have their say and to vote on these restrictions. We have representatives on the local airwaves criticising these measures yet they all voted to keep them in place.” Remarked Deputy Michael Collins,

Some of these restrictions are expected to expire next week but the Minister for Health has the power to extend them further if he wishes.

Deputy Collins and his colleagues have stated “If we are learning to live with this virus we have to learn to live with it in a manner that protects our vulnerable but also respects our culture and ways of life and the important aspects of community life.

There is little point criticising these measures on local radio and voting for them in Dáil Éireann as there is no point crying over spilt milk if they open the carton and tip it over.” Said Deputy Michael Collins and his colleagues from the Rural Independent Group.

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