7 Reasons to Study in Ireland

15 September 2020
By Bryan Smyth

With many things known about Ireland, people still underestimate its educational system. In this guide, we will reveal top benefits of studying here

Education in Ireland includes the Leaving Cert, which is a right of passage, but Ireland really shines globally when it comes to Third Level education such as University

For some reason, Ireland is not in top countries considered by students for studying abroad, and this is a huge mistake. This country has outstanding opportunities for future employment, great culture, tasty food, and a 100% warm welcome from its citizens. Besides, you will receive a decent education that will help you build a successful career, both in this place and in other countries. Of course, studying abroad and getting used to local habits will be hard, but you can always count on the support and professional help from student-oriented companies (just send a request like ‘Please, write my essay‘ to one of the services).

Now, we will discuss the key reasons that can impact your decision to study in Ireland.

Why should Ireland be your choice?

What do you know about Ireland? It is the country of green colour, red-headed people, and whiskey, but besides all those things, this is also the place with the educational system of high quality. For this reason, Irish universities accept thousands of international students coming to receive an exceptional experience, knowledge, and skills in this country. Even though it will not be easy (you are going to ask the question, Who can do my homework? a lot), your effort and time will be worth investing.

With so many benefits of studying here, we would like to highlight the following ones:

1. English speaking

If you are an American, Canadian, or from the UK, you will find it easy to study in this country as you won`t experience any difficulties with the language barrier. Of course, it won’t be the same, but your adaptation will go quickly and smoothly. But even if you are not an English native speaker, Ireland gives a perfect opportunity to experience a new culture and language while an Irish accent is mostly considered lovely.

2. Leading companies

Not many people know that Ireland is home to lots of the world`s top companies, mainly attracted by educated employees and tax incentives, including Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Twitter, and Google. In addition to these tech giants, there are also the headquarters of 9/10 leading pharmaceutical companies, and that makes it one of the largest global exporters of pharmaceuticals. All this promises great job opportunities after graduation.

3. Universities

Of course, one of the main things on this list should be the choice of educational institutions. Ireland can be proud of its Trinity College and the National University (which includes UCC), considered some of the best globally. Irish colleges offer international students a support system and provide them with the best possible benefits. Studying in Ireland is much cheaper compared to GB with all fees, food, and living costs 40% less. Besides, you can get a scholarship with 50% and even 100% discounts for your tuition costs.

4. Tasty food

We are not talking about famous Irish stew: in recent years, the Irish food industry has made a huge leap, so now the country can boast with 11 restaurants ranked with Michelin stars, lots of cafes and street food offering masterpieces from the national cuisine. For example, in Dublin, you can find authentic burritos, burgers done in the American style, tasty Irish meat, and lots of daily products estimated highly by the rest of the world.

5. Culture

Ireland has always been ranked high in cultural impact. It can be proud of four people who received Nobel Prize in Literature, Hugh Lane Gallery, James Joyce, as the most famous writer, National Museum, and street artists hanging out in interesting spots. Besides, this country of the compact size has natural beauty with outstanding scenery, breathtaking views, lakes, landscapes of mountains, forests, and the Atlantic coast.

6. Sports

The country is rich in different sports, from football to rugby. Its Gaelic games attract crowds of fans during the whole summer while hurling (which is considered the fastest sport worldwide) is totally worth to be seen. Studying here, you can become more active both physically and as a fan and try different kinds of sports.

7. Warm welcome

Irish people have always been proud of welcoming tourists, students, and new arrivals the same way, and recently Lonely Planet website has given Dublin the third place in the top world’s friendliest cities to visit. No matter where you are going to study, you will be welcomed by anyone and can easily find new friends during chats and conversations in bars and cafes.

When you graduate, you can receive the so-called post-study Irish visa that will make the process of getting a job in Ireland much easier. Receiving a job, you can even apply for getting a green card (or work permit). Besides, the government of the country extended the opportunity for non-EU students to «stay back» from one to two years providing they are studying minimum at the 9th level in the national framework. As you see, Ireland is the country of opportunities, so it’s totally worth to be considered when you are choosing a place to study abroad.

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