How to attend Toastmasters for free

28 September 2020
By Rona Coghlan
Carrigaline Toastmasters

Free guest entry to our Toastmasters Club on Zoom

Come along and enjoy an evening with a difference. Club meetings are lively, sociable events. Come ready to enjoy a mixture of the serious and the seriously entertaining. Impromptu and prepared speeches combine to create an unrivalled experience.

Did you know:

  • 1. Carrigaline Toastmasters has no connection to toast. We have no specialist toast making skills. We fully endorse the use of the standard toaster! The Toastmasters’ name refers to the skill of making a toast or impromptu speech, at events such as weddings and meetings.
  • 2. You do not have to be outgoing to enjoy a meeting. Many of our members would consider themselves shy or quiet. You can take a serious approach or let loose your “inner messer” in your speeches.
  • 3. When presenting on Zoom, you look at the camera lens, so you can’t see anyone watching you.
  • 4. The first speech a member presents, is called an ice breaker. Everyone worries about forgetting their speech content, but this particular speech content is unforgettable. Its about your life and your hobbies. This makes the ice breaker the perfect speech to start with.
  • 5. We aim to run on time. We have a timekeeper to help us stay on track. We start at 8pm sharp. The time you leave the chat afterwards is up to you, but there’s nothing like a cup of tea and a chat to finish off an evening out.

For more information contact Marion on +353892006179. Our next meeting will be Monday 5th October on Zoom, at 8 p.m. We meet alternate Mondays.

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