WATCH FREE: 50-minute play on Terence MacSwiney #CorkHistory #1920

28 September 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Terence MacSwiney (1879-1920) was a politician and is most famous for being Lord Mayor of Cork City, but he was also a playwright and author. Now, a play has been written about him, focusing on the women involved in the Independence movement in that era

In 2020, as the relationship between the UK and Ireland returns to the forefront of our political life, comes a new play The Woven Dream marking the centenary of the death in Brixton Prison of Terence MacSwiney.

The Woven Dream depicts the lives of three strong women whose fates are closely interwoven with Terence MacSwiney’s own. His wife, Muriel, born into wealth and privilege; her Pro-British, Unionist mother Mary; and Geraldine O’Sullivan, Muriel’s close friend.

The 50-minute video play was created during lockdown conditions in Brixton and Cork – key locations in the unfolding MacSwiney story. ‘The Woven Dream’ features Mitchelstown actress, Sorcha Dawson as Muriel, Sharon Wymark as her mother, and Jacqueline Milne as Geraldine.

The video features Mitchelstown actress Sorcha Dawson in the lead role. It was filmed in Brixton and Cork.

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