Physiotherapists in Cork support VHI Women’s Virtual Mini Marathon

7 October 2020
By Bryan Smyth

Physios for Fundraising’ initiative launches in Cork to support Virtual Mini Marathon entrants with practical tips to survive the event

FROM PUBLICITY PHOTOSHOOT: Chartered Physiotherapist Fiona McDevitt (purple top) instructing Bernice O’Connell. Pic: Brian Lougheed

Chartered Physiotherapists in Cork launched ‘Physios for Fundraising’ initiative today to help women, who are participating in the VHI Women’s Virtual Mini Marathon, look after their bodies appropriately from an exercise point of view. On Saturday, 17th of October, Chartered Physiotherapists in Cork will be donating their time to support local participants who are walking or running for charity. The physiotherapists are also giving out good common sense “do’s and dont’s” such as urging participants to wear a good supporting bra, go at their own pace, drink water particularly on the day before the race, to get good rest before the occasion, stretching before and after the event and importantly to have fun whilst doing it.

The Physios for Fundraising initiative is offering participants of the event a 30-minute consultation with a Chartered Physiotherapist in one of four participating clinics in Cork. In an effort to drive donations, local physios are welcoming race goers and asking them to donate the consultation fee to their nominated charities in Cork with examples set to benefit like Enable Ireland, Simon and Marymount Hospice.

Local Chartered Physiotherapist Fiona McDevitt said

“Over 14,000 women are participating in the virtual event this year and are going to complete a 10k race for charity. People may be feeling a bit stiff after all the training or discovered niggles that they didn’t even know existed! Each person has their own goals for the event and we are delighted to support people achieve both their fitness and fundraising goals.”


1. Go at your own pace

2. Listen to your body

3. Drink water particularly day before race

4. Call your physio if you have any queries/concerns

5. Wear the correct footwear or and a good quality supporting bra


1. Forget to stretch before & after

2. Continue through significant pain

3. Wear the wrong footwear

4. Forget to have a good night’s rest beforehand

5. Don’t forget to have fun

Four clinics will be taking place across Cork;

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