Networking expert Jean Evans is guest speaker at October webinar

13 October 2020
By Tom Collins

What: Networking expert Jean Evans is guest speaker at October business webinar
When: Wed, 14 October 2020 20:00 – 21:15 IST

Jean Evans

Networking in the new normal will be discussed at Network Ireland Cork’s October virtual event. On National Women’s Enterprise Day (14 October), networking expert Jean Evans of will reveal the new way to network in a time of social distancing and video conferences. MC for the Broaden Your Network webinar is Melissa Curley, founder of SocialBe. The event runs from 8pm – 9.15pm and registration is free for members and €15 for non-members at

Speaking ahead of the event, Jean Evans said: “Online networking is here to stay. However, not everyone is comfortable with technology so it is important to get comfortable with virtual meeting and conference etiquette. Making a bit of effort to get the foundations right now can ensure networking on an online platform is as effective as face-to-face meetings.

“Undoubtedly, practice makes perfect. We all will make mistakes starting out — keeping the mute button on, forgetting to turn it off and writing messages in the chat meant for one person and it going to everyone. All small incidents, and once you do it the first time, you won’t do it again. I would say that if you haven’t dived into online networking then do, and get some practice in.”

The Broaden Your Network webinar on 14 October is the eighth webinar in the Network Ireland Cork series launched to support members virtually during COVID-19. It will also include breakout room sessions, allowing attendees to make new connections.

Network Ireland Cork’s president, Marguerite O’Sullivan added: “Networking is difficult for so many even in normal times. In the current environment of video conferences, social distancing and remote working, comes a new set of challenges on how to connect with others. Having listened to our members, we are delighted to welcome Jean to our latest webinar, who will provide practical skills, tips and advice on how to network online like a pro. We also welcome our MC, Melissa Curley, who is a champion of the power of human connection and communication, and a dedicated lifelong learner.

“It is apt to hold Broaden Your Network on National Women’s Enterprise Day, with the big themes this year being resilience, self-care, innovation and opportunity. To recognise the day, Paul McGuirk, Head of Enterprise at the Local Enterprise Office at Cork City will be one of our Pitches in Person, talking about this important and inspiring annual event, and how it celebrates women’s enterprise.”

Network Ireland Cork is a not-for-profit Cork organisation that is the largest branch of Network Ireland in the country.

Melissa Curley

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