Keep yourself busy by giving your house a spruce up

21 October 2020
By Roger M Jones

Anyone can live in a house, but how many actually come back to a home? The walls surrounding every home shouldn’t just have nice aesthetics, they should convey a message that emphasises comfort, style, and elegance. But there’s a catch, your house may have given you that comfortable and rejuvenating feel the first few times you stepped in, but vibes change, right? That’s why it’s essential to make the small yet necessary changes now and then. If you feel your home needs a little remodelling, here are some easy ways to get it done.

Clean up the mess in the kitchen

Before you get defensive, please hear us out. Most modern kitchens either have painted, tiled, or glass walls. This works great for the aesthetics of the kitchen, but is it the sustainable choice? While tiled and glass walls could be durable for a while (before the cracks work their way in) it’s very easy for the steam and inevitable splashbacks from cooking to stain them.

Rather than wear those walls out with strong cleaning agents, it may be time to invest in acrylic kitchen splashbacks, widely available from trusted suppliers like Simply Plastics. They are relatively easy to install, more durable than glass, incredibly straightforward to clean, and yeah, they are recyclable. It’s a win-win, right?

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

If there’s one thing we all have on our hands now, it’s time. 2020 may be characterized as the year of a daunting pandemic, it has also gifted many of us a lot of time at home. It’s very easy to run out of fun ideas and games while away time, however, there’s nothing like a nice project that gets you up and working.

For many, creating space in the backyard for a garden is a luxury. But regardless of how small the area is, it could still be developed into something, even though it’s a flower farm. Get digging and planting by mapping out the space, measuring the beds, and placing the seeds of your choice into the ground. Peppers, cilantro, eggplant, tomatoes or potatoes would make a great choice.

Reach for that purse

The truth is, if you’re really going to freshen up the space, it will require some redecorating. Looking at the same furnishing every day could get boring. Rather than just moving things around, search for affordable paintings, vases, and other artistic objects that could bring the space to life while still resonating with your persona. If you have a family, maybe getting a nice oil painting of the whole squad could add a whole new touch to your wall space.

Enliven the windows

When you’re not watching TV, playing board games, or simply sitting back to relax, you’re probably staring out the windows, waiting for the sunset. What if you were told that an even better view could be achieved with some simple tips and tricks?

Depending on the type of windows you have, please don’t neglect them. Apart from cleaning the area every few days, try placing a vase with fresh flowers by the side for a new and colourful view. You could pass the time by changing out the flowers and watering them every morning.

Do you have objects you sports of gym equipment you don’t use anymore? It could be classified as clutter


How many times have you walked across the room and banged your leg into something? Too many to count, right? Well, you may have the time on your hands to make some ‘life-saving changes’ now.

Start by removing any piece of furniture that’s not useful at the moment. Then remove old decorations, flowers, and other objects that don’t add good colour or positive vibes anymore. Maybe think of skipping that afternoon nap by storing all the unused items in a storage box, and label them for easy identification.

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