The Most Popular Topics that Inspired Slot Developers

24 October 2020
By Roger Jones


If you’re a fan of video slots, you know that they come with varying themes. Some players choose slot games based on their visuals. But, have you ever wondered about topics that inspire slot developers?

Well, most online slots have popular topics that inspired their developers. What makes some slot games different is the prominent topic, back story, or character that inspired their developer. This is also the reason why some of these games stand out from the others. Perhaps, you want to know more about these topics before starting to play slots for real money . Well, here are some of the most popular topics that inspired slot developers.

Greek History and Mythology

Greek history and mythology is a popular topic that inspired many slot developers. Greek mythology slots come in different forms. They include legends, heroes, gods, and goddesses, as well as, creation stories. Several video slots are based on such subtopics of Greek mythology and history.

Some slot developers have created pokies that feature the gods and goddesses of Greece. These include Artemis, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, and Poseidon. The stories of superheroes and deities have been an inspiration for many slot developers.

Some top-notch gaming software providers like RealTime Gaming have developed video slots based on Greek folklore. Some of the slot games based on Greek mythology and history include Achilles, Achilles de Luxe and Triton’s Treasure.

Ancient Egypt Topic 

Currently, online casinos have many slot games with the attractive Ancient Egyptian theme. That’s because there’s something mystical about it. One of the reasons this topic is never-ending and interesting is that playing slots with this theme takes players on a free trip to Egypt.

Many players dream of going to this place. Therefore, playing video slots whose developers were inspired by this topic enables them to see amazing Egyptian pyramids, explore the ancient Egypt land, and discover historical features. Some slots even give players a chance to discover the hidden and lost treasures. Additionally, slots whose developers were inspired by the topic of ancient Egypt come with impressive payouts, high RTP rate and incredible bonuses.

Some of the most popular slots with this theme include: 

  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • Boy King’s Treasure
  • Rich Wilde
  • Crown of Egypt
  • Egyptian Heroes
  • Ramesses Riches
  • Valley of the Gods

Fruits Topic 

Fruit-themed video slots are very common in online casinos. That means the fruit is a popular topic that inspired many slot developers. What’s more, a fruit theme is a classic topic for video slots. Most three-reel slots come with a fruit theme. Some of these slots are also among the best paying. Although some people consider them boring, it all depends on the selected title. Nevertheless, these slots are among the most rewarding. They also have interesting bonuses and wild substitutions. ]

Examples of slots whose developers were inspired by the fruit topic include Bunko Bonanza, Fruit Bowl XXV, Froots Slot, Fruit Blast, and Fruitoids.

Oriental Topic 

There’s no doubt that most developers are inspired by culture and history. Currently, online casinos have many slots whose development was inspired by the oriental culture. Some people say that these games are Asian-themed. That’s because the culture of the Asian countries dominates their themes. However, the vast majority of these games depict the Japanese and Chinese cultures.

Examples of such slot games include: 

    • God of Wealth
    • Lucky 6
    • Wu Zetian
    • Golden Lotus
    • Happy Golden Ox Of Happiness
    • Fu Chi
    • Fucanglong

Such slot games bring out various aspects of the oriental culture. These can be seen from traditions like clothing, food, kingdom rulers, and writing.

Final Thoughts 

The list of topics that inspired slot developers can be quite long. These are just some of the most trendy and popular themes for slot games in the online casinos. Nevertheless, you can find a slot game based on a topic that you’re probably interested in.

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